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Why Call an Estate Attorney Right Now?

When aging people are still in good health, the last thing they want to think about is what will happen to their estate when they die. It is important that, if you have an estate and you are already advancing in age, you take time to speak with an estate attorney and plan what to do with your huge estate when you die. Death is certain but its timing is uncertain, and so it pays to be prepared for this. The truth is no one know when their time will be over. This is the reason why it is important to call an estate attorney now in preparation for this event. Read on to find out why now is the right time to speak with your estate attorney.

We are all too familiar with the scene of families fighting over inheritance in movies and books. Nobody wants their family fighting over their fortune after their departure. If you don’t want your family to face the trouble of going to court against each other, they you had better prepare for it. When the time comes, this will surely happen, if you have not prepared for its eventuality. You estate will then be accessed by court order depending on its size. If you have a will and testament then everything is easily settled and your loved ones can focus on grieving for their loss.

It is required that children under 18 be assigned a guardian by law. If there is no such appointment, it is the court who will decide on who will take care of your children. Sometimes, because of their lack of knowledge on the workings of your family relationships, the court will assign guardianship to the closest member of the family in the best financial position. You might know of a better person to be the guardian of your children, and this is not necessarily a family member. And this is the reason why, as early as now, you need to appoint whom you want to be your young children’s guardian. Appointing a guardian should be near the top of the checklist for settling an estate.

If there is no will your family is bound to fight over their inheritance. An estate attorney should know the people who will be given an inheritance and what specifically they will get. This will definitely prevent things from escalating toward family shattering fights.

While you are still healthy, make sure that you discuss and make a will before an estate attorney. If you wait until you are sick, it will add unnecessary stress to your weak condition. If you have prepared your will beforehand, you will have great peace of mind when the time of illness comes, to know that you have prepared your estate to be handed down to your loved ones in a fair manner.

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