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Imprtant car services that you cannot do without

It is true that many journeys to the auto shop do not leave you a pleased person as far as expenditure is concerned. That is why it is tempting to overlook many of the essential services and behave like all is well. What you should know w is that pretending that nothing much is happening, is a better way of making you pay more in the future leave alone their many troubles that you are likely to face. If you want to eliminate problem, some of the car services are a must for you. Read this article to know what you should never skip.

You must make sure that you change your oil. If you want to ensure your engine serves you well make sure you change your oil the way it should be done. The oil helps the engine to rotate round and round. When the oil is used for some time, it gets contaminated. With time the oil becomes ineffective causing the engine to perform poorly. Some vehicles require an oil change after covering a distance of 3000 miles. The current vehicles are not required to be changed as often as the old models, but they must also be changed. You need to see the mechanic to advise you if you are not sure when you are expected to change your oil. You can also use the driver manual to know what mileage is ok with your vehicle.

Air filter is something else that your car cannot do without air filter being changed. If you forget to change your air filter, you are likely to have dust clog it up. You may end having your engine damaged. Just like oil it will depend on the car but the best thing is to change it when you are changing the oil It depends where you are using your car most, whether you are using it on dusty roads or not. You may drive for about ten thousand miles without changing your filter if the rods are well tarmacked. You also must change the condition of your brake pads. Not all the vehicles will require changing the brake pads at the same time. You must make sure that you check on your car tires as well. You will not want to risk your life by driving a car without changing the tires. You will have to change the tires depending on where you are driving. The type or the brand of tires will determine when they should be changed. You must make sure you have changed your spark plugs as well. You will need to change your plugs when they are old or dusty because they will determine how the engine works in your car. If you take great care of your car you may never need to use so much money at once.