Impregnating sperm my spasming cunt

I had Mom in every room in the house, dressed and undressed, and my life was blissful. Neither of us moved for some time, but when my father began softly snoring mother eased her body away from mine a little. She continued, "Some men like to have sex with a woman dressed in her lingerie, it turns them on more, so why don't you fuck me this way first, and then if you want me to I'll get naked for you later. She sighed and looked back at me. She started exhaling deeply as if she was releasing a great pressure. Her panties were white nylon too, she wore the kind called full briefs, and although they fit her snugly, they weren't skin tight, and as she moved they wrinkled and shimmered on her shapely hips and belly.

Wear it always, wear it with pride, wear it discreetly if you have to in certain situations, but always cherish it.

Impregnating my mother

Now I knew why as she said some men like to fuck a woman with her lingerie on. A collar is such a simple object, just a small piece of material, and yet it means so much, it is so powerful and can convey so many messages at once. Leave a comment Comments I was overjoyed, my baby was growing inside my mother's belly, and my wildest dream had come true! The apartment itself was a one bedroom. Sensing the urgency of my need, Mom took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, the scene of my indoctrination to sex the night before, and as we entered the room I saw that the bed was neatly made with just one plain sheet covering the mattress, obviously prepared for what was about to take place and I was startled to realize that Mom had planned this all along! As my small penis became completely rigid it began to throb against her in time with my pulse, making my mother aware of my arousal.

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