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At his funeral inhis daughter delivered a touching eulogy that included a story about her father and other West Side business leaders organizing a special program for Bangs Avenue eighth graders, telling them to raise their expectations by wanting to go to college. What one thing in your past would you change if you could? Where are Glory Holes in Allenwood? The third-floor Upstageat Cookman Avenue and Bond Street, has been gutted of its s interior when Tom and Margaret Potter operated the after-hours rock club where Bruce Springsteen got his start. An intimate performance space, the originally named Lyric Theatre was dwarfed by the presence of Reade's more ornate and imposing Mayfair and St. Some people say it is a reflection of your personality. The Avenues Chapter 3:

It was routinely referred to by some Beirut on the Jersey Shore and by others as Dresden.

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He hired city resident and local schoolteacher Jan Leon for the role of Princess Jan to host a children's theater series, featuring Disney films and cartoons along with live puppet shows and clowns which he televised on WRTV. Where are Glory Holes in Deal? A West Side Story". Unlike that group of arena-touring musicians, Gallagher has performed the circuit of neighborhood bars, Dublin pubs, benefit concerts and Denmark coffeehouses. The auburn-haired Gallagher has a Texas homeboy look that reminds you of the rockabilly group ZZ Top.

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