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Initiating A Tree Planting Exercise A tree planting activity refers to an event where tree seedlings or young trees are sown. Different types of trees such as fruit trees and sources of timber such as mulberry, palm and pine may be planted. The species of trees to be planted are chosen based on the needs which are to be met. Experts recommend that the trees which are planted along a boundary line should also provide shade for the compound. You must also pick species of trees which grow fast. Tree planting is done for various reasons. To begin with, tree planting is done by people who wish to play a part in environmental conservation. Each government is expected to uphold at least ten percent of forest cover. Consequently, national leaders have started up environmental conservation organisations. Trees play a central role in any ecosystem. Trees ensure that the air remains clean because they prevent any flying particles from further movement. The trees also produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Trees therefore ensure that the proportions of gases in the atmosphere remain balanced. When trees store rainfall in their leaves, they help to prevent runoff. A canopy of trees make tourist destinations and recreational parks more attractive because it provides shade and keeps the area cool. Another reason why people are keen on planting trees is to reclaim land which has changed into a desert or a swamp. The term ‘land reclamation’ refers to the restoration of land which has been disturbed. The land which has been restored can be used productively. Tree planting exercises are also carried out at memorial services for prominent people. Trees may also be planted to commemorate special days such as the graduation of a group of students from a certain school.
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It is important to note that while tree planting has numerous benefits, the costs incurred during the process are very low. It is advisable to pick species which grow well in a particular environment to reduce your costs of taking care of the plant as it grows. In addition, seeds and young trees can be purchased at pocket-friendly rates. You must also pick a season in which your seedlings will thrive. When you have decided to participate in a tree planting exercise, you must understand how the trees are planted. Consult an expert to determine whether the trees you plan to plant nee any special care.
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In conclusion, tree planting is a great team-building activity for various groups of people. The exercise is a great way of contributing to a community. Besides, teaching children how to take care of a plant as it grows is the perfect avenue for teaching them to become responsible adults. Your participation in environmental conservation initiatives can be a valuable addition to your resume.