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Recommendations on Cyber Security to Contractors Dealing With the Government

There are NIST standards which are meant to ensure that contractors dealing with the government have put enough measures to guard the information they hold. The recommendations of NIST are meant to secure the federal information.

The policy is meant to address the role of contractors in cybersecurity.

Policies ensure that people can comply with the laws. Contractors should check a few things.

It has provided the regulation on access to information. The information pertaining the contract should be limited to only a few people in the organization. You cannot get into the system if you are not allowed to do so.

Management, as well as the employees, should understand the threat their systems faces. They should be trained adequately on how to mitigate the risks.

There should be regular system reports generated. This is important as it reports on any unauthorized entry. The reports also has reported on any inappropriate activity within the system by the users. This helps in locating cyber criminals and nabbing them.

It also helps to ensure that the system inventory is well configured.

The requirements also recommends that the identity of the users should be verified before being allowed entry. Unauthorized users cannot be able to interfere with the federal information located in the contractor’s database.

The relevant authorities should be aware of any cases of cybercrimes attempted in your system.

Maintain a periodic maintenance of the system to enhance its effectiveness. There should be adequate staff to conduct the maintenance of the system. There should be effective controls on people who maintain the system. The access to this information should be restricted to the authorized users.

The physical information systems tools should be limited to a few people.

The system should have different features that screen the person trying to access the system.

The should be a proper mechanism to evaluate different cyber-attacks and design ways which can be used to handle them.

The organization should look at various controls from time to time and establish their effectiveness. This evaluation helps the organization to chart the way forward in regard to cybersecurity. There should be action plans meant to correct anomalies in the system.

The system communication should be well safeguarded. Confidential information in the wrong hands can wreak havoc.

The system should be above board. There should be a real-time report generated. There should be no delay in correcting system errors. The system should be protected from malicious viruses that are meant to allow unauthorized users.

Every recommendation has a checklist of what the contractors will use to ensure that the system is secure.

NIST publication 800-171 exhorts the government agencies to work closely with small firms to have other security considerations that can be practical to the contractors who operate in small scale.

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