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How to Know If You are Eligible for Medicare Supplement

Insurance firms normally sell individual health insurance policies such as the Medicare Advantage policy in Viejo. They are usually in contact with the Medicare and offer both the hospital and medical benefits to people with the policy.

Medicare advantage policies in Viejo are able to access medical services that are not catered for in the original health insurance mission cover. A few of those plans also cover prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, hearing and health programs. It is not easy as people think to become eligible. Certain criteria must be met to qualify for this plan.


To qualify for Medicare advantage mission in Viejo, you have to prove that you are above 65 years. You should furnish evidence to prove that you were eligible to have Social Security benefits 24 months before if you are below the age stated above.

Health Conditions

You are required to declare your health conditions before you can be able to access this Medicare advantage insurance cover. Documents from your health care clinic or doctor to show that you are suffering from chronic diseases should be offered if you want to the Medicare special needs policy to be included in your advantage plan.

Citizenship and Residence

This is just another Criterion that you need to meet. It only covers citizens and people residing in Viejo. You can visit the Medicare site and click to learn more about the Medicare advantage mission in Viejo. If you are not a citizen, then you have to have your social security number for you to be eligible for this policy. It is also imperative for you to have lived in Viejo for more than five years.

Tax payment

It is crucial for you to have filed your taxes regularly for the last couple of years. You should have also worked with a company that offers Medicare policy to its employees for at least ten years. You can also benefit if your spouse has ever worked with such a company for the last ten years.

It is recommended you go through their website, to get more information about your eligibility towards this Medical advantage mission cover in Viejo.

Functionality of Medicare Supplement mission

Residents of Viejo can access this Medical advantage plan from private insurance firms. This plan covers the healthcare centre and medical insurance. Medicare supplement mission policies provide coverage for all Medicare services. Some of them also go further to provide prescription medication policy, unlike others.

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